WayfairHacks is our Summer hackathon. This year, we're opening it up to non-engineers as well. There are two tracks you can follow for your hack:

- Demo Track
The Demo track is a standard hackathon. Build a product and demo it in front of the judges.

- Project Pitch Track
The Project Pitch is a new track where you build a business case for a large-scale project. The best hacks in the Project Pitch path will be supported by data and have clear value and a path to success. 


    • Friday, July 20th
      • 1:30PM-3:00PM - TECH TALK: Security Awareness Q&A (running concurrently in the 7th floor kitchen) - Make sure that your hack won’t be a crack!
      • 2:00PM-2:30PM - TECH TALK: Bringing Augmented Reality to Android with ARCore (Kunal Khona) - Bring 3D objects into the real world with Augmented Reality (Android Devices)
      • 2:30PM-3:00PM - TECH TALK: Shape-based 3D Model Analysis and Retrieval (Tim Zhang) - Machine Learning on 3D data of our products
      • 3:00PM-3:30PM - TECH TALK: Bringing Augmented Reality to iOS with ARKit (Johan Ospina) - Bring 3D objects into the real world with Augmented Reality (Apple Devices)
      • 3:30PM-4:00PM - TECH TALK: Data Dog at Wayfair (Nick Vecellio) - Multiple ways to send your data to Data Dog for analysis
      • 4:00PM-4:30PM - TECH TALK: Distributed Tracing at Wayfair (Mark Penny) - Visualize page load time and identify potential bottlenecks
      • 5:00PM - Kick-off/Opening Remarks and Team Selection
      • 7:00PM - Dinner
    • Saturday, July 21st
      • 9:00AM - Breakfast
      • 12:00PM - Lunch
      • 6:00PM - Dinner
    • Sunday, July 22nd
      • 9:00AM - Breakfast
      • 5:00PM - Submissions due
    • Monday, July 23rd
      • 9:00AM-11:00AM - Preliminary Judging - to determine finalists
      • 4:00PM-6:00PM - Showcase of all Hackathon projects and happy hour
    • Tuesday, July 31st
      • TBD - Finalists Live Demoes & Pitches (open to all employees), Judging, and Awards.

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Wayfair employees.

Non-Wayfair employees may participate, but must be invited and partnered with a Wayfair employee present at the event, and must notify event organizers in advance.

Want to participate?

Sign up here- this also helps us get a headcount for ordering food :)
And feel free to check out some cool ideas here (sign in with wayfair email to view).

For project submission (to be considered for prizes)- projects must be registered on devpost!

Join the conversation on slack- #wayfairhacks18


Submission guidelines:

How to submit video tutorial

1. Create a project on devpost.

2. Add team members to the project.

3. Add description of project.

4. Links to add:

  • Demo: please submit a link to a video of your demo, can be screencast or video of someone demoing the project. If you have a project repo, please link it and if you have a working URL to the project, link that as well!
  • Project Pitches: please add wayfair google drive link to the slides. Video of pitch is not required, but would be a plus.

5. Lastly, in the dropdown:

  • Select if you'd like to do a live demo/pitch. To have your project considered for the final judging round, you must select `Yes`. Otherwise, you'd only get feedback on your project from the preliminary judges.
  • List the equipment requirements for your live demo/pitch.
  • Choose if you would like to be connected to a mentor post-hackathon, 

6. Submit!


Preliminary Judging

Each project that is submitted through devpost will go through the Preliminary Judging Round that will rate them per criteria- Innovation, Impact, Awesomeness (see below), and provide feedback comments, if any.

This is meant to be done in a live demo/pitch format, which will be conducted through a series of preliminary judging sessions, where a group of projects would present one-by-one to a panel of preliminary judges (not open to an audience). Teams that submit their projects will be notified which session they are in, shortly after project submission. 

Note, teams may choose to opt-out of a live demo/pitch (at the time of submission)- which would allow them to get feedback from the preliminary judges on their project, however, they won’t be considered for any prizes.

Preliminary Judges will determine 4 of the 5 finalists per track (see Hackathon Showcase on how the remaining finalist gets determined). Also, they will determine the winners of the dev conference tickets! Finalists will get notified after preliminary judging wraps up.

Preliminary Judges: Arun Batra, Lindsey Bleimes, Rosa Carson, Mike Festa, Sunanda Parthasarathy, Deborah Poole, Andrew Rota, Shrenik Sadalgi


Final Judging

Final judging will be about a week after the prelimininaries. This will give the finalists time to polish up their demos and pitches. Final judging will happen in front of the Final Judges listed below, and in front of a live audience. This is your big chance to present your awesome idea to the Co-Founders and leadership of Wayfair!


Hackathon Showcase

The hackathon showcase allows all teams that submitted projects to show off their hard work to Wayfair, in a science fair-like format. This event is casual and open to all of Wayfair. We encourage all employees to come and see all the cool ideas that have been hacked up!

Hackathon Showcase is in Hammock, Monday, July 23rd 4-6pm. We ask teams to arrive 15 minutes early to get set up.

Attendees of the showcase may vote on their pick for finalist, and the team with the most votes gets their ticket to the finals! (Must be present to vote)



Does my project have to be related to Wayfair?

No, your project does not have to be intended to benefit Wayfair, or build on any of our codebase/techstack. But past finalists and winning projects tended to have some connection to Wayfair.

Where to upload my demo/pitch video?

Youtube or Vimeo is fine. Don't forget to add the your video link when submitting to devpost. Setting the videos as public is fine. Use the tag #wayfairhacks18.

Can I use my personal github for the hackathon?

Yes, so long as it does not expose any sensitive data. If you are not sure, feel free to slack us first.

Can I use heroku?

Yes, it's one of our goto's for serving up hackathon projects! Knock yourself out!

I'm stuck on submitting- who should I talk to?

Slack us in #wayfairhacks18. We'll be hanging out there for more specific questions.


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Steve Conine

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Ed Macri

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John Mulliken

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Niraj Shah

Judging Criteria

  • Innovation
    The idea can demonstrate originality, or unique use of innovative technologies. It also demonstrates how it was developed, and the basis for its conceptualization. (Was there a novel approach applied to solve the problem?)
  • Impact
    The idea can demonstrate the potential for impact and a high rate of success for effectiveness. It has the potential of making a difference in the target users' life and a likelihood that it will bring real value and solutions.
  • Awesomeness
    Everyone's definition of awesomeness will be different, but ultimately it boils down to creativity, depth, and wow factor. (How awesome is the idea?)